Development of WordPress sites WORDPRESS

Development of WordPress sites WORDPRESS

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Every business needs a website. We already know that we will direct you to the most suitable site for your business

Nowadays, any business wishing to present its services and products must have a presence on the internet and not just in one place but in as many as possible.  Such a presence can be achieved through social networks, referrals from other websites, information and articles on various websites and more. Within all this space we still understand that a business must have its own website.

Thus, the website becomes an extension of the business card and the central place where the surfers are exposed to the content, information and products relevant to each business. In fact, all the elements we talked about above should ultimately refer to the business website, promote and support it.

We build image sites and advanced sales sites in the open source platform WORDPRESS.

We chose this platform because it is the most popular website building platform in the world, with 70% of the new websites already built today.

Many programmers, developers and webmasters know and specialize in this platform and so it will always be possible to find help and solutions for most of the developments that come to mind.

We build the WordPress sales sites with the help of the WordPress store plugin, WOOCOMMERCE, where you can request and develop the store at the highest level used today.

The foundation of any website is order and organization so we believe and so also instruct our clients to do before we start the construction process. It is the customer's responsibility to prepare: Logo, relevant text, images, videos, products and all the information he is interested in displaying on the website.

In order for a website to become a website, you must purchase a domain (site name) and storage space. After all the materials are arranged, we plan together with the customer the pages of the site and the information on each page. In the end, we prepare the website template for the customer and build the home page and the internal pages according to the agreed design.

Interested in more details?

Prices for developing WordPress sites

We offer website development for image sites and sales sites. These are sample prices as detailed below

Web image

Starting at 4,950
  • Characterization meeting
  • Design according to a template
  • 10 pages of content
  • Preliminary content update
  • Links to social networks
  • Responsive website

Sales site

Starting at 7,950
  • Characterization meeting
  • Design according to a template
  • 10 pages of content
  • 5 project pages
  • 25 products
  • 5 categories
  • Preliminary content update
  • Links to social networks
  • Responsive website

As a customer, what should I prepare before starting work on a new site

Domain (site name)


Photos, products and videos

Relevant text

Businesses for which we have developed advanced websites

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