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08.07.2020 // Web

Top 3 apps for group video call

At the beginning of the Corona crisis, we were all familiar with the new way we would hold meetings in the coming months. Many online video meetings have become commonplace and so we could all continue to meet from home as well. Students met with the class and the teacher on one screen, choirs and bands played and sang together each from his home, work meetings continued to take place when each was connected with his personal computer and more. The video call gave an immediate answer and allowed the world to keep moving even without leaving the house. The leading app, and the one we were all immediately exposed to at the beginning of the crisis is of course the ZOOM video app, but now, the internet giants have also seen the potential, taken their time and upgraded their dedicated video apps. We checked for you, what is the right application for you?

In recent months we have all been exposed to a new and advanced way of communication. Multi-participant video conferencing through the ZOOM app. We used it on a mobile phone or a computer so we could keep in touch with the workplace, school, kindergarten and perhaps most importantly to see the people closest to us even when we could not meet.

The ZOOM app has filled many of the closing hours in many homes around the world. Following the success, the internet giants, Google, Microsoft and others saw the potential inherent in this field and began investing in promoting their dedicated video apps.

Although ZOOM pretty much did the job and was a pioneer and pioneer in online meetings, screen sharing, screen splitting for dozens of people and more, when Google and Microsoft wake up you should look, try and see if there is an app that suits me even more personally.

I will briefly review the three leading platforms now, yes including ZOOM.

I will start by saying that the video broadcast quality in all three is excellent.

1. Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams

This app is primarily suitable for users of Microsoft's mail service and companies and organizations working with the Office 365 suite, A business package that provides access to the various OFFICE software such as: WORD, EXCEL, OUTLOOK and more.

It is one of the leading applications in the US and is used by many schools, organizations and businesses.

The app comes with a dedicated project management platform where you can share, upload and edit various files during and after the meeting.

Also, when using this app there is direct synchronization to the calendar of the employee and his co-workers and thus it is possible to schedule an updated meeting in the calendars of all the participants.

2. Google Meet - Google Meet


Google launched its group calling app a long time ago, but only gave it access to paid subscriptions to its service package - GSUITE.

Realizing the potential in this area, Google changed the name of the app from Google Hangouts to Google Meet, upgraded it and opened access to its service to all Gmail users.

The main advantages that Google emphasizes over ZOOM are that in the Google app you can make calls of up to 60 minutes while in the free account of ZOOM you can make calls up to only 40 minutes and also, You can sign in, share and launch the app directly from your Gmail account.

3. ZOOM - Zoom


The app we all got to know very well. Whether following the children's online studies or following the many work meetings the app allowed us to hold from home during the recent crisis.

The big advantage of ZOOM is that we already know it.

It allowed us to share our computer screen to dozens of participants, record the meeting and more.

Recently, there have been reports in the US that ZOOM is not secure enough so many organizations, schools and businesses have abandoned it and switched to Google, Microsoft and other apps.

Thus, following the latest developments in the field, any person or business can work with the most convenient app for him. 

For example, if your e-mail is GMAIL or your business is a subscriber to the GSUITE business services suite, you should consider working with Google's dedicated app.

If you prefer Microsoft's mail service or your business works with Microsoft's Office 365 business suite you should work with Microsoft TEAMS.

For those who know ZOOM and already work with it I would recommend continuing to work with what he knows and feels comfortable with but it is definitely worth trying the new options in the field.

And most importantly, let us all have a pleasant and successful meeting.

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