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Basic website hosting package

We offer a basic annual hosting package for websites that includes:

    • Renewal of an annual license for the advanced building and design plugin for the ELEMENTOR WordPress sites.
    • backup Weekly and monthly Of the site files and the database with the option to restore the site to the nearest existing backup.
    • Website security and addition of SSL certificates.
    • Update and upgrade weekly Of the site platform (WORDPRESS), the template and site extensions.
    • PRO management services for the server on the site, including support and monitoring of the site's activity on the server.

* This package includes the services listed above - hosting the site and the site files on the advanced, fast and managed servers by us only.

The service does not include:

  • Domain renewal (extra charge).
  • Extra working hours on updating the site.
  • Sending newsletters.
  • Adding products.
  • Uploading content.
  • Any additional action that comes at the initiative of the site owner.
  • Each additional operation will be priced at the cost of one hour of work + VAT.


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