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Motti Mor

24.06.2020 // Web

From a physical product for sale online,
is my business ready for the next step?

Have you also considered the possibility of transferring your business online? Have you dreamed that all your products that you have in the store can also be sold over the internet at a store open 24/7?
If you did, and I'm sure you did, then you should read and check your business's level of readiness to move on to the next level.

During the last few months, I have been asked constantly about E-commerce and online stores.

Should I upgrade my site? Should I activate the option to buy through the site? Will it pay off?

Indeed, recently as a result of the Corona crisis the issue has risen to the headlines and there is a rash and serious growth in the field of network sales and buying.

In the past, we used to go out to do our shopping. we went to stores, malls, supermarkets, open markets and more. Now, our world has changed and we prefer to buy more straight from our home and office computers or from our smartphone. it is considered safer, faster, and sometimes even cheaper.

However, before you start offering your products online there are a number of questions you need to ask yourself.

Product Readiness:

Lets take a minute to think about our shopping experience. 

when searching for a product online, the first thing we are looking for is product information. 

We like to see, watch, read other users' reviews and more. Only after we went through it all - then and only then - we will buy the product.

The same should apply to our potential clients.

Therefore, only when all information is ready and organized for each product should it be uploaded to your website as an online product.

Technologically Ready:

Many websites are built on old platforms and are not optimized to set as an E-Commerce website and need to be upgraded completely. 

In order to optimize your website to set as an online shop, you would need to check your hosting security level, website's platform, website extensions, and more. 

You should check that your entire setup is adapted to the existing market standards.

Most important, it is vitally important to check whether your site is responsive, ie - optimized for mobile phone browsing.

Recently, we have seen an increase in purchases through smartphones and mobile devices.

Business ready:

Is your business ready to gear up and move from a physical store to an online 24/7 store?

In many cases, this step is the first step that needs to be addressed before you start the whole process to upgrade to an online shop.

You need to go through a complete sales process - beginning at the moment the client purchased the product and ending it at the supply stage.

For example, you will need to set from advance who will be receiving the order, who will be preparing the order, who will check that everything is ready, who will communicate it with the customer, and who will be making the delivery.


Only after you are 100% clear to answer all these questions do I recommend getting started.

Certainly, the online shopping field seems to be one of the hottest fields in the business market and we all want to chip in.

So go ahead, it's time to plan, arrange, prepare, and upgrade in order to move your business to the next level, and start selling online.

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