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22.04.2021 // Technology

Expo 2020/2021 in Dubai

For 170 years, the World's Fair, or as it is now known, the Expo, has presented the world with initiatives, achievements, technological developments, innovation and vision for the future. The EXPO exhibition is held once every 5 years - each time in a different major city - and together with the Football World Cup and the Olympics complete the three largest events in the world. The biggest attraction of these exhibitions are the international pavilions established by each of the participating countries, which showcase their achievements in a variety of fields. These buildings are the architectural uniqueness of the exhibition and in many cases remain the symbol of the host city for many years. The most famous example is the Eiffel Tower, built for the World's Fair in Paris in 1889 to mark the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. In October 2021, a year after the original planning following the Corona plague, the city of Dubai will host the Expo 2020 exhibition, which has retained its original name and in which we, following the Abraham Accords, the peace agreement with the UAE, will be able to participate and visit.

My first encounter with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was actually in a computer game I was playing as a child. The game was called "FIFA WORLD CUP 1990" and was a World Cup preparation game for the tournament that took place that same year in Italy. In the tournament itself, the national team appeared three times and lost in all three games. One loss was to the soon-to-be champion, Germany.

My next encounter with this country was while watching the film "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" in 2011. This was the fourth installment in the never-ending film series starring Tom Cruise. One of the highlights of the film is a scene where the actor climbs the tallest building in the world "The Burj Khalifa". Watching these several shots ignited my imagination and I knew then that I too would want to visit this unique building and this city as soon as time allows.

The climbing scene on the "Burj Khalifa" from "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" (2011)

The "Abraham Accords" signed in Washington in September 2020 between the State of Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain and then with Sudan made it clear that not only is this a historic and exciting agreement but also that this agreement will lead to successful collaborations in a variety of areas. When exposed to the investment and development that the United Arab Emirates has undergone in the last three decades and especially to the technological-future vision of its leaders, it is impossible not to marvel and imagine how far this connection can lead.

Technologically speaking, it is impossible not to focus on the country's innovation center, the city of Dubai, and its impressive and futuristic skyline. Dubai is the perfect model To the city of the future And it has all the elements that will lead, according to its leaders, to become in the coming years the happiest city in the world. Projects like "Smart City" (Smart Dubai), An ambitious and unprecedented program that will enable the 4 million residents from 180 countries to move, operate and work in a smarter and more efficient way than anywhere else in the world. "The Museum of the Future" Opened in the coming months, is a complex that will include a visitor center that will feature innovative technologies and digital products as well as classrooms and research classes that will focus on key technological developments in the next 20 years in medicine, climate and global warming, education, innovative energies, virtual money and more. "The Dubai Frame" , a museum that is a metaphorical bridge to a journey through time using simulations, exhibitions, and various screens between the traditional Dubai of yesterday to the futuristic Dubai of 2050. These developments, as well as other ambitious projects, such as homes and offices printed on 3D printers, new and advanced capabilities in the fields of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, speed of information transfer, and more, will continue to exist in the coming years in Dubai.

Expo 2020 in Dubai
Therefore, no one was really surprised by the decision to choose Dubai as the host of the 2020 Expo at the beginning of the new decade. The city has the means, aspirations, and vast territory in which it will host the largest, most beautiful, and advanced World Expo yet. In October 2021, exactly one year after the exhibition was scheduled to begin, the city of Dubai will convene to present its achievements and ambitions at the World Expo, which will be the first-ever Expo exhibition in the Arab world. Sheikh Ahmad bin Saeed al-Maktoum, Chairman of the Expo 2020 committee in Dubai, said "For 50 years we have created bridges and connections around the world because we believe the future is common to us all. The decision to keep the name "Expo 2020" was made with the aim of celebrating the resilience, creativity, culture, and innovation of the human race in the post-epidemic world.

The exhibition itself will take place in a huge complex built especially for the event. As in every Expo exhibition, here too there will be beautiful and unique architectural structures, such as the solar roof above the exhibition with over a thousand solar panels, a structure that knows how to take water from the air, and many more. The main attraction will be The Pavilion, where 190 countries from around the world will present their achievements in various fields. 

The exhibition will open on 01.10.2021 and will last for about 6 months until the end of March 2022. The nature of the exhibition will be unique, colorful and full of technological innovations. And as such it will be the perfect playground and a great experience for all tech lovers wherever they are. In this exhibition, the leaders of the United Arab Emirates and those of Dubai in particular will want to present to the world their vision for the future of the world. The path that will lead in their opinion to the future of the human race and in one hand the future of the star in the near future. 

The future in Dubai looks within reach and closer than we can imagine. Now that we, Israelis, can also be an active part, influencing and moving the world forward I can imagine where the innovations of the future will lead us to. Dubai is indeed the city of the future and the place for all of us to meet and innovate towards a better future.

 "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future"…

– Motti Mor, CEO of Novosite | Internet Innovation. Holds an MBA in Business Administration from the Ben Gurion University of the Negev and a BA in East Asian Studies from Tel Aviv University. Motti is a Media and internet Consultant for many tourist agencies, a Web Developer, and a certified Tour Guide.

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