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The Internet is already considered one of the greatest inventions of man ever and a significant and influential force in all areas of our lives in the last three decades. With its help, anyone can write, comment, share and present themselves or their business to the whole world without limitations that have prevented it in the past such as time zones, size, volume, quantity, number of words, censorship, physical location and more.

We, at Novosite, see that there is an integral and interdependent connection between the Internet, the development of technology and the speed of information transfer from one place to another. One cannot without the other. 

Over the years, we have helped many businesses develop image sites, sales sites, develop digitally and align with the technology front of every era and era. We also advised where and where it is worth investing and no less important where it is not relevant for the business to perform and thus also save unnecessary costs. 

We always make sure to stay up to date with the development of our professional environment and as a result know how to offer the most advanced and newer services for the various businesses.

Most of all, we emphasize customer service and believe that even in a time when the Internet connects cities and countries within a few seconds, there is no substitute for human connection and interpersonal relationships. 

We invite you to ask and consult with us on any matter. We are happy to provide you with full service, response and support.

Novosite | Internet Services

Novosite was founded in 2010 by Motti Mor, who holds an MBA from Ben Gurion University of the Negev and a BA in East Asian Studies from the Tel Aviv University. Motti has previous work experience in leading companies in the Internet, Cellular and Tourism markets. We have a strong desire to help businesses find their right place in the digital world and the ever-evolving Internet Network, and ultimately create a web presence that best suits them and their businesses.

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