What should I, as a client, prepare for when I plan to build a new site

The website is the business card and face of your business. Today, every business that wants to showcase its services and products needs a presence on the Internet. We offer the construction of image sites, portfolios, sales, online stores, landing pages and more. Before getting started on a new website, we set up a characterization meeting where we ask the client to define the goals of the site, the target audience, the services he wants to present and more. We present a selection of design templates and select together the future visibility of the site. A few days after this meeting, we send a quotation to the customer based on the topics we went through in the meeting. In order for a Web site to become a Web site, you must purchase a domain (the site name) and storage space. Customer is responsible for preparing: logo, relevant text, images, videos, products and all information that they would like to display on the website.