מוטי מור

Motti Mor

24.06.2020 // Web

Choosing the platform for sale on the web

Platform selection

If we look at the options available in the market for building an online store we can find a wide and confusing range from dedicated sales platforms, trading sites and more.

After exploring a wide range of these options, I chose to recommend two options: WORDPRESS and SHOPIFY.

I chose WORDPRESS because it is now the world's most popular and largest website building platform, so I can easily find a programmer, promoter, website builder, designer and more who knows how to work with it. In addition, it is an open source system that is always growing, evolving and my control options in website design and product are the simplest.

If you happen to already have an active WORDPRESS site and you want to upgrade it to a store site, you should review the site, template and extensions before such a move can be made.

For SHOPIFY construction, I recommend sites only in English and those whose design and control of the small details is less important to him.

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