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Advanced Internet Solutions

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Advanced Business Solutions

We have many years of experience in dealing with Internet and digital challenges. We will provide advice and quick web and WordPress solutions and save you time and money.

WORDPRESS Website Development

A businss's website is the business card and face of your business. Today, every business that wants to showcase its services and products needs a presence on the Internet.

Development and management of SHOPIFY websites

Many businesses nowadays create options to their their customers to purchase their products and services online

Website Hosting

Website storage on the world's fastest and fastest servers. We offer an annual storage package that includes full 24/7 support, backups and daily updates.

Tech Tours

Dreaming of smart cities? About autonomous cars? About supercomputers? About robots? On a journey to Mars? Does your imagination work constantly? You have come to the perfect place for you.

Website support and updates

After building the site, there are updates, enhancements and changes that you want to add over time. We have built a numbe

New! One-time elementary training

Want to know how to build a website?
Do you already have a website? Want to know how to upgrade yourself?

Selected Projects

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Design Your Own Site

Ever wanted to know how to build a website for yourself? The truth is, today it has become quite simple. In this course we will learn how to build a new site in two hours with the help of Elementor, the world's leading page builder.

Learn the Web

Many adults see the computer and the Internet as an inaccessible and frightening area that cannot be approached. We have extensive experience in this area and know how to break this fear down in several one on one meetings.

Video Tutorials

Follow our YouTube channel. We periodically upload tutorial videos and troubleshooting in the Internet. In these videos, we will provide important information and internet problem solving tools

Design an Online Store

Online stores (E-Commerce) has long become a default on every business's website. If you want to know how to design an online website, update it with new products and stay up to date. This is the course for you.

One on One

Sometimes we want to learn something specific about the Internet or we may have encountered a problem that we couldn't solve. Schedule a private tutorial and we will help you find the solution you've been looking for.


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מנהיג חדשנות דיגיטלית? למה הוא הכרחי בכל עסק או ארגון?

יועץ חדשנות הוא אדם המניע תהליך של גילוי שיטות חדשות ליצירת ערך ללקוחות והזדמנויות צמיחה לחברות, ארגונים ועסקים. יועצי חדשנות משתלבים בארגון על מנת לסקור נתונים עדכניים ולהציע נקודות מבט חדשות על תהליכים קיימים.

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Expo 2020/2021 in Dubai

For 170 years, the World's Fair, or as it is now known, the Expo, has presented the world with initiatives, achievements, technological developments, innovation and vision for the future. The EXPO exhibition is held once every 5 years - all

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Shimon Friedlander
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I've been working with Novosite for the last few years and it just changed everything for us. We have a whole new experience of very professional work and the service is very personal. Thanks for all the good work !!!
Hadar Grinberg
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As a marketing manager I get to work with a lot of service providers in the field of website building. The work with Moti is always professional, the response is very fast and there is no problem left without a solution. Highly recommend!
Gregory K.
Read More
Motti received information and within an hour returned if results. Courteous and professional very lucrative
Bar Sultan
Read More
Pleasant and super professional courteous service, available (and rescuing) from any problem in real time, recommended objectively, from experience and wholeheartedly
Moshe Sofer
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I refer to Motti many people who tell me they have received excellent service and fair prices. Thanks Motti! Keep it up!
Inbal Tubi
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Very professional and fast service. Always attentive to all my requests and needs. I was more than happy with the site they built for me. It is highly recommended
Ram Glick
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I have worked with Motti on several projects over the last six years and found him as the perfect partner. His knowledge, experience and vision are invaluable and the results always speak for themselves. Motti is always the first person I will call for an internet related project and I suggest you do that as well.

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Novosite | Advanced Internet Solutions

Founded in 2010 by Motti Mor, Novosite had one main goal - Lead businesses to grow and innovate in the new digital world. Since then we have used our knowledge in the web and technology fields to help and advance over 150 businesses and organizations.

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Novosite | Internet Services