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The Internet has long become one of the great inventions of man and the power that drives us in all walks of life. Today, with the help of anyone, they can present themselves, their business, their products and their work to the world without any time, volume or location.

Novosite was established in 2010, by Motti Mor, An MBA from Ben Gurion University of the Negev, with a strong desire to help businesses create networking presence and beyond, also understand how to manage their business properly in the Internet world.

Over the years, we have helped many businesses build websites and appear in the right places on the network. We were able to increase the presence, exposure, understanding, and at the same time the profitability of the business. We always make sure to stay abreast of changes in the Internet that are changing the world and are constantly changing.

Thus, we offer our customers the latest and most advanced services. Most of all, we emphasize customer service and believe that even at a time when the Internet connects cities and states within seconds, there is no substitute for interpersonal relations. The Internet has brought with it communication solutions that were not there in the past such as many video calls, quick contact with the business via chat, information in our hands within a few seconds and more.

We invite you to ask and consult with us on any matter. We are happy to provide you with full service, response and support.

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What do we do?

Business Consulting and Support

We advise many business owners who are interested in creating an online presence and because of a schedule load, do not find the time to start investing in this direction.

Web Design

A businss's website is the business card and face of your business. Today, every business that wants to showcase its services and products needs a presence on the Internet.

E-Commerce Websites and Online Shops

Many businesses nowadays create options to their their customers to purchase their products and services online

Website Hosting

Website storage on the world's fastest and fastest servers. We offer an annual storage package that includes full 24/7 support, backups and daily updates.

Social Networks Promotion

The Internet is now the main hub for services and product searches. We help businesses looking to advertise on Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Website support and updates

After building the site, there are updates, enhancements and changes that you want to add over time. We have built a numbe

New! One-time elementary training

Want to know how to build a website? Do you have a website and you want to know how to upgrade yourself?


Interested in Seeing More Projects?


Design Your Own Site

Ever wanted to know how to build a website for yourself? The truth is, today it has become quite simple. In this course we will learn how to build a new site in two hours with the help of Elementor, the world's leading page builder.

Learn the Web

Many adults see the computer and the Internet as an inaccessible and frightening area that cannot be approached. We have extensive experience in this area and know how to break this fear down in several meetings and within a few hours.

Video Tutorials

Follow our YouTube channel. We periodically upload tutorial videos and troubleshooting in the Internet. In these videos, we will provide important information and internet problem solving tools

Design an Online Store

Online stores (E-Commerce) has long become a default on every business's website. If you want to know how to design an online website, update it with new products and stay up to date. This is the course for you.

One-on-One Tutorial

Sometimes we want to learn something specific about the Internet or we may have encountered a problem that we couldn't solve. Schedule a private tutorial and we will perform virtual tutorials together.


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